We apologize for any issues that may have taken place with your order.We will replace the feeders with fresh new feeders.Before we can ship your replacement order, We need to gather some information about the previous shipment. This allows us to attach the replacement to the original transaction.

Your Transaction Id
Your buyer email address
Buyer Email:
The tracking number of your original order.
Tracking Number:
What was wrong with the initial delivery?

As stated in our live arrival guarantee posted on Ebay listings pages, each auction,
and on our website, we require the buyer to pay shipping on all replacement orders
Your new replacement order will ship out the beginning of the next week.
Click Here For a complete copy of our Live arrival guarantee policy.

Pay for the shipping label below using paypal, and your replacement will be processed and shipped.

Example of a transaction Id. This is not the same as your receipt number
You can find the transaction ID in your paypal receipt. Top right corner.

Example Tracking Number
You can find this on the shipping notification you got from paypal when we shipped the original order or on the actual shipping label of your package.