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Live Waxworms are a great reptile feeder and can provide the perfect snack for your growing reptile or under nourished dragons. or geckos. Live waxworms are high in fat and protein and can beef up your little buddy. Waxworm are easy to care for and store just like mealworms. Give the live waxworms a substrate bedding and place them in the refrigerator to stop their growth and provide extended storage. When your ready to feed your waxworms to your reptile, Let them warm for a few minutes and place them in a feeder dish or using tongs.

Live Waxworms should not be a main staple in your reptiles diet and therefore not fed to your reptile daily as you would crickets or Dubia roaches. Waxworms are higher in fat than other feeder insects and should be feed as a snack no more than 2 times a month.

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Live waxworms are the perfect food for reptiles from babies to full grown reptiles. Live waxworms are easy to care for, store and feed to your reptiles.

The main difference in waxworms you get everywhere else is the price. We provide high quality live gutloaded crickets that provide the needed calcium and high protein levels needed for proper reptile nutrition.

Even with shipping our waxworms are significantly cheaper than the national chains and all pet stores. Why pay more for yourr feeder crickets and recieve less quality.


Westcoastroaches.com provides the best waxworms online anywhere.


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