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Dried water crystals are a necessity when it comes to breeding and keeping insects. The use of dried water crystals are endless. They provide safe, clean watering source for your insects as well as help maintain proper moisture levels. Dried water crystals are used to make water gels for your feeders. Simply add water to the dried crystals and have an endless supply of drinkable water that prevents mold, mildew, drowning and messy spills. add the dried water crystals in your insect colony to prevent moisture build up. The dried water crystals when placed in an insect colony will absorb the excess moisture and turn it into drinkable water. One ounce of dried water crystals will absorb over a galloon of water. You can use the gels for your insect colony, potted plants, your lawn, vegetable gardens and your terrariums. Colored water crystals can be a decorative addition to your terrariums and fish tanks. Keeping plenty of dried water crystals on hand is the safest way to provide good clean water for your pet.

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