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This 125  watt  teflon coated incandescent bulb features a multi-filament 120 volt design to better withstand voltage surges. The bulb's "BR40" style tapers from its flared bulb to its brass base, which will not oxidize or freeze in the socket. This feature allows for safe and easy removal of the bulb.

With a long life of 5000 rated hours, and a 6 1/2" total length, 125 watt coated incandescent bulb combines quality and design to create a warm glow for reptiles and insect colonies.


Purchasing Information

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Rated for 5000 hours with FREE replacement

Reptile Basking Bulbs
Warming your reptiles with an affordable heat lamp or basking bulb is paramount when keeping reptiles. You will always need good light and good heat to ensure your pets are well taken care of. We have affordable alternatives to the big distributors high prices. When using our clear infrared basking bulbs the temperature in your reptile cage will ideal and provide the perfect range of light for your pet.

You can use Reptile basking bulbs for your insect growing or reptile terrarium needs. Most reptiles need safe adjustable heat to maintain their health. Our heat mats allow you to apply just the right amount of heat without over doing it and burning your reptile or insects. Our Reptile basking bulbs only produce a temperature of 20 degrees over room temperature with a fully adjustable dimmer control lets your pinpoint the exact amount of heat for your needs. You can safely warms eggs, snakes, spider, frogs, dubia roaches, mealworms or any other species of insect or reptile.

Our heat lamp/basking bulb is rated for 5000 hours. The long life of our basking bulbs are guaranteed. Combined with a FREE replacements, our heat lamps are the best deal on the market for reptile heat lamps. If the basking bulb does not last on average of the stated 5000 hours, send it back to the provided address and receive a free replacement.

Our basking bulbs quickly heat up reptile terrarium with focused infrared heat that reflects across the cage and keep the heat in the cage. Place a rock under the heat lamp and provide a warm surface for your pet to warm from both sides. Using our basking bulb/heat lamps can increase your cage temperature up to 30 degrees and provide optimum temperature control and emergency heating for those cold days.

Increase your feeder insect production with extra focused heat. Place a lamp over your Dubia or mealworm colonies and watch as your feeders begin to explode. Every insect colony needs good heat to reproduce and our bulbs provide the perfect amount of heat to wake them up and provide even more free feeders for your pet. We use these same bulbs to heat all our roach and mealworm colonies to 90 degrees.


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