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Small Cleaner Crew 1 oz Culture $7.99 shipped

Medium Cleaner Crew 8 oz Culture  $16.99 shipped

Large Cleaner Crew 16 oz Culture  $29.99 Shipped

Using science to naturally clean your feeder colony bins is far easier than daily death removals, gnats and weekend cleanings. Our cleaner crews use two species of insects that naturally remove all you uneaten excess chows and consumes any dead you may acquire within your colonies. Our cleaner crews will colonize safely within your Dubia bins and keep them clean and efficient.

Each cleaner crew cup contains Dermistid (taxidermy beetles) beetles, larvae and eggs combined with mealworms. The dermistid beetles consume dead insects and small particles of fruit and vegetables. The mealworms consume fragments of ground chows. Our cleaner crews offer maximum cleaning agents to ensure all the waste from your colonies are consumed naturally. Packed with with their natural food in sealed plastic cups.

If you are experiencing within your colony a sweet smell or the smell of ammonia, or have gnats in your bins you need a cleaner crew immediately. The health of your colony can depending solely on keeping the Dubia colony clean and functioning.


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