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Live Arrival Guarantee Shipping Policy

These terms apply to all products requiring live arrival delivery, or products marked as live at time of sale.

  • WestCoastRoaches delivery schedule


    We deliver live items Monday thru Wednesday only. We have those live days scheduled as follows

    Bulk Orders and Wholesale on Monday (breeders,shops,rescues and Vets)

    Individual orders on Tuesday and Wednesday (Auctions, Grabs,Website,and Amazon orders)

    Replacements on Wednesdays.


    All payments for auctions and grabs due within 24 hours of auction end unless you let us know prior to bidding or grabbing.


    Combined Shipping Policy


    We will discount and combine shipping on orders placed on the same transaction. While we enjoy bundling

    your orders, it creates a lag in processing and leaves room for error. We will gladly work with you as this policy takes effect.


    Live Arrival Policy

    We will gladly replace any and all DOA orders for any product as long as your temps for the shipping period are

    below the set threshold for the species of insect you are ordering.


    We have very strict shipping dates, know your weather before you purchase. You must contact us

    within 2 hours of the time stamp provided to us from the USPS tracking systems to receive a no cost replacement.

    They scan it right before they deliver it, you have to be ready for your items to arrive. They can't sit in your mailbox or on your porch in the heat.

    It will kill them. Express shipping is available by request at an extra charge, as well as insurance to protect your losses.

    If your temps are above the listed temps, you are ordering at your own risk!


    Feeder Roaches 98 degrees

    Mealworms 85 digress

    Hornworms 95 degrees

    Super worms 85 Degrees



    Order Tracking.

    Each person will receive a tracking number the instant it is shipped via the email you paid with. The notification will come via paypal.If

    you have not received your tracking number on the shipment date, and you don't have an email with the tracking number feel free to contact us.


    Order delays


    We will post any and all delays, whether due to heat or supply via a post on Facebook. Be sure to like and subscribe so you get all the newest updates.


    Everyone should read the about me section of our Face book to get a full list of rules and details on each item.



These terms apply to all non live products (exempting frozen feeders) such as roach chow, water crystals and reptile cages and terrariums.

  • Shipment will be sent without signature required.
  • We are not responsible for incorrect delivery addresses. We ask for address confirmation on every purchase. If your delivery address is different form what's registered on your paypal, you will need to confirm the address in the payment during check out.
  • We are not responsible for shipping carrier negligence, abuse or delays. We will work with you and the shipping carrier to replace your package. This is on a per occurrence basis and not guaranteed.
  • PO boxes are ordered at buyers own risk, and no guarantee is implied or expected.
  • Terrariums are handmade to order and constructed on a completed order confirmation.
  • Terrariums require 2 days to construct, and 2 days to dry.
  • Terrariums will be shipped in 4th after payment.
  • Terrariums are shipped via UPS frieght.


These terms apply to frozen feeders.

  • All frozen feeders are packaged in styro containers and packed with dry ice.
  • Due to the volatility of frozen feeders, you must be available to receive the package at time of delivery or all warranties are void and null. NO EXCEPTIONS.




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